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HRM Assignment Guide Each individual student will be required to Essay

HRM Assignment Guide Each individual student will be required to prepare a written assignment on the following two questions - Essay Example In addition to this, the study will discuss the similarity and differences of these principles. A multinational or a domestic organization when develops human resource strategies and policies according to the host country’s work or religious culture, then it can be defined as domestic practices and policies. On the other hand, an organization develops human resources policies or strategies in several global operating market places according to the cultural or religious background of people or employees, it can be considered as multinational human resource policies and practices. Discussion Global business environment has become highly competitive as several leading organizations are operating within a similar industry. In addition to this, these organizations are continuously developing unique business strategies in order to maintain its significant competitive edge in global market place. Human resource department is considered as one of the important department of an organiz ation. Several leading national and multinational organizations have given significant importance to their human resource department in order to ensure effective business performance. ... National or multinational organizations generally try to develop human resource policies to improve the workplace environment and motivate the employees to perform well (Cooke, 2003, p.72). Each and every organization develops human resource policy in host or international country to foster recruitment and workplace performance management process. A multinational organization follows same step or process in all the operating countries regarding the recruitment activities. Job posting, advertising and interview procedures follow same structure in all the countries. Differences in human resource policy in domestic and international countries take place regarding organizational culture of an organization, workplace diversity programmes in an organization, leadership styles in the organizations and use of motivation tolls in the organization (Colling and Terry, 2010, p.98). It is true that an organization has to develop these strategies differently in several global markets due to differ ence in cultural background and behaviour of people. In addition to this, multinational organizations generally develop different types of policies due to various political aspects in different countries, such as wage distribution regulation, labour policy and employment policy. Differences It is important for a multinational organization to implement cultural or social research and survey activity before entering into the international market. It is very much essential to considered different external environmental factors as it helps the human resource department to develop policy. It already has been discussed that there are significant similarities in domestic and international

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