Thursday, October 17, 2019

Quantitative market research report carried out on a professional Paper

Quantitative market report carried out on a professional photo service by Marketest (marketing company) - Research Paper Example In addition, although the main aim of taking photos is for memory purposes, many people have gone beyond this tradition belief, and incorporated other aspects such as taking photos for fun, marketing strategies for business among other aspects (Davis 11). In this regard, most people in the UK have decided to seek professional help in matters pertaining to photography services. This is because professional photographer may have a variety of services such as editing photos, adding literature in them and even blending them to bring out the desired purpose of the customer (Allen 7). On the other hand, it is apparent that there a great need to have professional photo services for such purposes. 2. Literature review Importance of using professional photo services for business Due to high competition in the current markets, businesses have decided to spice their marketing strategies in order to develop and maintain competitive advantage that would enable them thrive in a highly competitive market. In this regard, professional photo services play a critical role in informing customers of new and exciting products (Adrian 49). For instance, a hotel may decide to use professional photo services to display some of their new foods. ... In hotel business, entrances and table menus acts as the best places to place advertisement pictures. In addition, they are in a better position to advise the business owner of additional materials to incorporate on the picture (Obermeier and Padova 74). For businesses advertising on the internet and especially via their websites, professional photo services could decide of the best photos to be placed on the website in line with the target market and the line of business (Folsom and Goodridge 12). A good example of a professional photo services is McDonalds. Although there has been heated debate on the dietary and unhealthy effects of fast foods, McDonalds has managed to maintain a considerable number of customers due to its use of professional photo services, which are well displayed on its website and its outlets across the globe. Company vehicles are well branded with photos of different fast foods such as styled hamburger, which entices people even those that clearly know about the effects of fast foods. Studies have documented that quality photos can be used to sell a product or hurt the business greatly. A poor photo can display a negative image of business products thus affecting business performance. For instance, a poorly taken or displayed photo can translate to poor quality products, and this can shun away customers (Johnson 298). A good and quality photo can attract new customers as well as maintain the already existing ones (Malhotra and Birks 24). In this regard, professional photo services can determine the best photos to entice customers, and which; can impress them on their first encounter with them. Studies have also documented that photos can be used to put across several meanings

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