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Film Analysis of Some Like it Hot Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Film Analysis of Some Like it Hot - Movie Review Example They have to dress and act like girls. Although they start liking the female members of the band, they cannot tell them so since they are not willing to reveal their identity. Joe is in love with a band member called sugar. On the other hand, a millionaire called Osgood Fielding wants a relationship with Daphne and even invites him on a yacht. Though not openly stated, the theme of politics is somehow featured in the movie. The changed identity is depictive of how politicians change when they are elected. They forget what they are supposed to represent and start focusing on their own selfish issues. Just like, Joe and Daphne managed to conceal their identity and convince people that they were female. Politicians possess several identities, which they adopt depending on where they are. At times, they use their multiple identities to deceive people (Wilder, Castle and Auiler 66-71, 81-83). 2. Does the film’s maker (writer, director) have their own unique point of view on the pol itics and/ or cultural life in the 1950s if so, what is it? Explain. Although the movie was set when issues such as sexuality were not serious, the movie features these themes. The filmmakers of I like it Hot have a unique point of view regarding cultural life. A good example is shown when Osgood falls in love with Jerry thinking that he is a woman. However, when Osgood realizes Jerry is a man, he does not care. This is a unique outlook on the issue of homosexuality. Anybody would have expected Osgood to avoid Jerry’s company completely, considering the movie was shot in 1950’s. A period when few would publicly acknowledge they were gay. Another unique outlook that the makers of some like it hot demonstrate is on the first glance appearances. Most of the characters adopt a deceptive attitude, which is revealed later. Jerry and Joe pretend to be male and through them, the true nature of characters such as Sugar and Osgood are revealed. Through Joe we learn of Sugars yea rning for money. Through Jerry, Osgood is revealed as being heterosexual (Wilder, Castle and Auiler 112-118). 3. Does this movie have messages or themes? Identify them. Do you think that the movie’s themes and messages still relevant to audiences of 2012? Why or why not? Explain. The movie â€Å"Some Like it Hot† was remarkably ahead of time. It features themes on issues that are being witnessed in the contemporary society. In the movie, there is an issue of a man wanting to marry another man knowingly. This is quite similar to the recent happenings regarding gay marriages. The issue has been viewed with suspicion with most people opposing it utterly. In addition to sexuality, the movie features the issues of sexism and cross-dressing, which are concerns of the modern society. As the movie uncovers the difficult role that women were supposed to play are revealed (Wilder, Castle and Auiler 200-205). Another theme is the theme of sex, gender confusion. Jerry pretends to be female to appoint where he appears confused about his real identity. This theme would apply in the contemporary society where people appear unsure about their sexuality. Some people opt to go undergo surgery to alter their sexuality hoping to escape from the problems associated with certain gender. Although Jerry and Joe alter their gender for different reasons, their reluctant to revel their identity reflects the contemporary sex identity conflicts. Another theme feature in the movie is the theme of crime. Joe and Jerry are running away from a mob that

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