Thursday, November 21, 2019

Globalisation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 8

Globalisation - Essay Example Microsoft has been known to possess monopolistic power in the manufacture and market for operating systems for most Personal Computers, in addition to being involved in far-ranging attempts to defend its operating system monopoly through using a wide range of exclusionary practices .Finally, Microsoft activities have been harmful to innovation and by extension to consumers (Eisenach & Lenard,2000). 2. Microsoft’s monopolistic practices are harmful to consumers in that the corporation being the sole provider of operating systems can set practically any price that they want, a process known as price-fixing. Price –fixing can be easily done in spite of demand, since the company is aware that consumers have no choice. Secondly Microsoft can even supply products that are inferior a practice that can further injure the consumers. Thirdly Microsoft’s monopoly kills innovation simply because the company lacks the incentive to innovate and thus fails to offer new as well as improved products; something that makes consumers enjoy what they want and how they want it (Gow, 2007). 3. Companies like Microsoft should be regulated because their dominance can hurt consumers by allowing the corporation to overprice its products in addition to suffocating innovation by competitors, keeping them out of the market fearing demolition by the main player. Microsoft therefore should not be permitted to dominate as it had done before for instance through abusing its operating system through incorporating its own Media Player capable of playing films and music, into its Windows operating system. This practice shut out other competitors such as RealPlayer. Microsoft therefore should be regulated so that other companies can grow and innovate especially in this information economy. 1.One of the most profound experiences I have had of globalisation is with is the biggest internet-based retail store in America which began as a bookstore

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