Wednesday, May 6, 2020

RCMS Suport Requirement of University of Southern California

University of Southern California (USC) established a system which provided some central resources to accommodate and support the requirements of the whole university. It was called RCMS. According to the university research committee report, RCM identified as an effective system. However, the committee stated that some modifications are required due to shortfalls of the system named as â€Å"perverse incentives†, including discouragement of innovations, raising the barriers on multidisciplinary researches, encouragement of multiplication of courses and encouragement of manipulation of the financial data. Discouragement of innovations was the main concern of the critics. The financial pressure imposed on deans was forcing them to be concern about the financial aspects of their decisions rather than focusing on main mission as leaders of an academic institution. This critique could be validated because the main objective of each academic organization is encouraging and expanding the new ideas which might not be profitable in the short term. However, neglecting these ideas will threaten the university’s long term profit. Raising the barriers on multidisciplinary research is the next concern. These types of researches require different perspectives, skills and expertise, which could only be acquired by a team work of a group of researchers from different faculties. The multidisciplinary barriers were high even before implementation of RCM. Therefore, blaming RCM as a barrier seems

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